Good Results Obtained in 2019 Australian National Chemistry Quiz by Students from International Classes
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      With the results of 2019 Australian National Chemistry Quiz organized by RACI (Royal Australian Chemical Institute) officially issued, good news came that students from the High School Attached to NWNU had given their outstanding performance in the quiz, including a first prize obtained by Su Zixiang, two second prizes by Yang Ding and Shi Xiaoyao as well as three third prizes by Ma Ruiyi, Zhou Tong and Song Derong.
      For the excellent results achieved by the students from the International Classes, the High School Attached to NWNU has been awarded “the Outstanding Achievement Award” by RACI and two chemistry teachers named Jiang Qingyun and Yang Kang respectively, have been awarded the title of “Excellent Advisor” in the recognition of outstanding contributions to the achievement in Australian National Chemistry Quiz 2019.


      The Australian National Chemistry Quiz, known as ANCQ for short, is a great international chemistry competition organized by Royal Australian Chemical Institute. During the past over 20 years, more than 0.12 million students from 17 countries and regions have participated in the competition every year, such as Australia, Switzerland, Germany, New Zealand, Singapore, Hong Kong, India and so on. The High School Attached to NWNU has entered the competition for four years with excellent results obtained since 2016 when the competition was first held in mainland China. The ANCQ, as a kind of practical examination with great significance in education, can bring the students into an interesting chemistry world. Besides, the students’ performance in ANCQ is widely recognized by universities and institutes all over the world.

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